Where the hell is the website?

Welp, it’s still here - sort of. We’re actually working on it right now, but it’s still available for you to use; it just might look like shit. So… what exactly are we doing? Glad you asked. The front page is being experimented on with many new different visual elements to try out a new refreshed look, while keeping the site familiar and accessible. This is about the majority of the visual aspect that you’ll notice, but we’ll also be redoing a lot of internal elements as well.

Members Area Reformat:

Since we launched back at the beginning of November, the Members Area has been, well, a mess. We want to make it more usable for our sponsors, especially since we’re going to be restructuring what exactly we’ll be offering; to that extent, we want to ensure there is an organized experience for the users considering new content is added each week. Don’t worry: existing sponsors can still access their favorite exclusive content while we are rebuilding, HERE!

Restructuring sponsorship levels (prices and features) & allow free account creation:

Here’s where things may get complicated. Upon launch we offered a few different sponsorship levels; the main goal in this restructure is to consolidate those levels. We want to offer a “one size fits all” level that entails the idea of “you support us, you get stuff.” It’s that simple. At the current moment, we’re looking to turn the four existing sponsorship levels into just one or two. For those of you who have a sponsorship with us right now, you will get more information as to how this affects you as the changes are implemented. However, those who became a sponsor through one of our special promotions, your sponsorship will remain the same as promised.

From the very beginning of launch, we also had the plan of allowing users to create a free account. It’s at this point that we’re taking the steps to finally make that a reality. At the moment, however, we don’t have an overwhelming portion to offer free account users (besides watching us on YouTube, etc.); however, we would really like to push the use of the forums on the website. We would love to see the forums act as a venue of many great conversations for all fans of Front Page Tech (sponsor or not). Hopefully we’ll start seeing the first signs of that once this is implemented!

Separating Minecraft Server access from sponsor related material into its own dedicated area.

Lastly, we will be moving the Minecraft Server related content into its own dedicated offering. After we had re-launched the website and advertised the Minecraft Server, we started to realize that not all sponsors have the interest to get on and play (and build and destroy and fight and collect and so on…). That’s totally fine, and we understand that not everyone has the same interests; so why charge you for something that you aren’t going to use? Effectively we want to make it affordable for those who still want to play on the FPT Minecraft Server, and we will continue to make it so with a separate system (separate from the regular sponsorship methods you’re used to on the site) that will be very easy to utilize. Again, those who have been playing on there will be notified of how this migration will work, but rest assured that none of your creations on the server will be harmed in the process!



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